The partnership will work on the following tasks and disseminate results in the “DigiMedia” project to promote the digital literacy of adult education teachers:

  1. EVALUATION TOOL “QualiMedia” (O1), for adult educators to evaluate digital educational media with quality criteria for identifying appropriate digital educational media.
  2. Education Media Database “MediaData” (O2), with excellent and valued digital educational media from the European media competitions 2020 and 2021 and workshops in participating countries.
  3. COURSE MODEL “DigiKomp” (O3), Exemplary online further education course with country-specific blended learning courses with digital educational media.
  4. MEETING POINT “DigiMedia Community” (O4), WEB meeting point as European practice exchange from workshops and media competitions in an
    internet forum for teachers.
  5. eBook “DigiKomp” DIGITAL COMPETENCE (O5), Basic practice perspectives, media assessment, exemplary digital educational media, media usage and media-based teaching and learning arrangements